What information will I need about myself when applying for a DBS?

A DBS check which is also known as Disclosure and barring service check is an essential check that is conducted for an individual who is planning to join a particular service such as dealing with child care, the vulnerable group, old age homes and other such sectors.

In order to apply for a DBS check you would need some information about yourself that needs to be furnished to the employer. You would also need to complete a basic disclosure application. These are the following steps that need to be completed in order to furnish information about your self

  • Buy your basic disclosure online and provide the required details
  • You would need to fill in the Basic disclosure application with all required details
  • Your application would be processed in the next 2- 3 weeks

A Disclosure and barring Service check is the only level, which is available for individuals to obtain for themselves. Organizations can also access this level on behalf of their employees. On the other hand a standard DBS check is only available to organizations to right of entry on behalf of their employees. An individual cannot apply for a Standard CRB Check on himself or herself.

In order to go through the DBS check, the applicant must be able to show

  • Passport
  • Biometric residence permit
  • Current driving license with recent photograph
  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate

If the Applicant does not have any of the above documents, then he must have

  • Current driving license that is valid
  • Marriage certificate
  • HM forces ID card
  • Firearms license
  • Birth certificate

As an individual you would be eligible for a basic DBS check that will show any kind of unspent criminal convictions. You would receive a certificate that you can keep for yourself. Standard and organization checks are available for organizations to apply on behalf of their employees.

  • Basically you need to have any of the following documents from the following groups

Group 1

  • Current valid passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit (UK)
  • Current driving licence (UK), full or provisional. Photo card only for Isle of Man/Channel Islands licences, which should be presented with the associated counterpart license (except Jersey)
  • Birth certificate (UK and Channel Islands), issued at the time of birth. The full and short forms are both acceptable, including those issued by UK authorities overseas, e.g. Embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces (photocopies are not acceptable).

Group 2a

  • Current UK driving license (old style paper version)
  • Current non-UK photo driving licence (valid for up to 12 months from the date you entered the UK)
  • Birth certificate (UK and Channel Islands) issued after the time of birth by the General Register Office/relevant authority (photocopies are not acceptable)
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate (UK and Channel Islands)
  • Adoption certificate (UK and Channel Islands)
  • HM Forces ID card (UK)
  • Firearms License (UK and Channel Islands)

Group 2b

  • Mortgage statements
  • Bank building and society statements
  • Bank and account opening form statements
  • Financial statements
  • Council Tax statement
  • Work Permit/Visa
  • Letter of sponsorship
  • Utility bill
  • Benefit statement
  • Document from central/local government authority
  • EU National ID Card.

These documents are also important for applying for a DBS statement. Another thing that is required for a DBS check is that you need to have a mental health certificate that is issued by a government hospital that will show that you are absolutely in the positive state of mind before applying for a job. You need this information before you apply for a particular job like working with children, the vulnerable group, mentally disabled people and special group. Ensure that these documents are with you and you can show then while a CRB check and there is smooth flow of the process. The DBS gives you a clear check so that you can work in the desired organization

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Benefits of serviced offices

In today’s technologically advancing world, more and more companies are reaping the benefits of a serviced office. Why do companies prefer a serviced office? A serviced office has a number of advantages and can be a perfect solution for any start up business or big business.

No matter what kind of business, you are dealing with; serviced offices can provide a variety of advantages for you as well as your business. These are the different benefits of a serviced office

Suitable for all kinds of business

A serviced office is an office space that can be rented for either a long or short time duration. A rental fee is provided to the space provider for the number of days you would be occupying the place. You can choose from an assortment of packages depending on the services provided by the landlord. Serviced offices have a trained receptionist who can handle all kinds of calls, greet clients and also take care of all kinds of secretarial activities. With so many features and benefits at bay, a serviced office is definitely what every company would desire to have.

Cost effective and affordable

Now the question may arise whether serviced offices in Liverpool Street are expensive. If you actually compare with other kinds of offices, a service office is definitely not expensive. It is in fact cost effective and less expensive than a conventional office. That is because you would not have to worry about the office space or any other accessories like chairs, tables, office equipment, cabinets and cupboards as these all are included in the rental package. Office maintenance is also taken care of by the service provider. This makes it easier for you to concentrate on your business revenues and targets.24 hour’s security services are also available for safety purpose. A serviced office also comes with an IT support, meeting rooms and the basic facilities like height adjustable desks from HADO and other amenities.

Finding serviced offices online

In this technologically savvy world, finding a serviced office online is definitely not impossible. In fact many people are also letting out their spaces for serviced offices to various companies. Various companies and business are also trying to reach out to their customers online by creating various websites so that it is easier for them to check out products and services and avail them online. Whether you are starting your own business or wish to expand your business, a serviced office is one of the best options

What to expect from a serviced office

A serviced office gives you the following benefits

  • Accessibility to mobility centers
  • Ease of all kinds of operations
  • Multitasking flexibility
  • A personal office space
  • Technical helpdesk
  • Shared office facilities

These facilities allow entrepreneurs to run and enlarge their business across various kinds of sectors. These offices provide an ideal business environment along with a comprehensive suite of services and they are friendly on your pockets as well. Service providers offer a well-furnished workplace that is aesthetically pleasing and has an infrastructure, which comprises of the latest equipment and gadgets. End of tenancy cleaners from London by Cleaners of London are also supplied in some areas to keep the offices clean between tenants. This comes in handy when tenants change offices frequently.

These are the benefits of having a serviced office, which would help you in all ways and would also impact your business – whether big or small in the best possible way.

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9 great logo trends of 2017

There are some great logo trends in the year 2017. You can choose any of them for your brand to have an awesome logo as per your company’s expectations.

  1. Moving parts

This is the most unique and different trend in logo design. In the moving parts logo trend, designers very creatively combine the print and the web design. Actually, they incorporate their logos with animated GIF’s, which form an attractive or unique moving logo. This logo trend is able to catch the interest of people by adding a strong element of surprise.

  1. Hand-drawn

Nowadays, handmade logo design has become popular. Hand-drawn logo design is famous because it feels fresh, lovely, human, comforting and simple to understand. The logo design looks natural and provides a pleasing feeling. It is very difficult and challenging to translate hand- drawn design to computers. The whole process requires many things like scanner, USB tablet and more.

  1. Cartoon- style

The cartoon style logo design looks fabulous and amazing. There are lots of companies who seek cartoon style logos for children’s products because kids love cartoons. Even some brands use cartoon- style logo likes for some pet, food or thing and also get popularity for cute and beautiful cartoon style logos.

  1. Simplification

Simplification logos are wonderful and many brand companies are using simplification logos because it gives the clean look of the brand in a minimal space. Outre Creative logos are simple design with clarity and precision.

  1. Cropping

Cropping is one of the famous logo designs because you can use a small or little image which still showing a full message. Many brand companies using cropping logo designs to have a unique logo in the market. This logo design simply cropping the name of the brand to have a new or refreshing look

  1. Broken letters

It is a very simple logo design that is easily understandable. The name itself describes that the logo, which is drawn out of broken letters. These broken letters logo design idea really looks fantastic and different.

  1. Geometric shapes

It is a famous logo design. In this logo design, geometric shapes are beautifully complied by companies in a very attractive or innovative way. The logos are designed in geometric pattern, which offers a new brand image for the product.

  1. Photographic textures

This is an abstract photographic texture in the logo-designing world. It is a quick as well as an easy way to add charisma to a brand image and the logos really looks fantastic and marvellous. There are many brand companies, which are using photographic textures logos to have a fresh abstract brand design.

  1. Black and white

The name of the trend itself gives the idea of what kind of logo designs it will be for brand companies. Those brand companies love black and white colour and want to use it for their logos can apply black and white logo trends. These logos can easily be used anywhere and also fits in any kind of design or scenarios.


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Letter Design: Definition, Elements and Its Efficiency

letter design

Letters play a huge role in communication for without it, there would be no written pieces of art and there would be no reading activities for human kind. These creatures have become so important because it conveys a message to the reader and not only it is helpful for the communication process but it is also very functional in today’s company’s growth, business boom, industrialisation and the like. If you ask why, then the most plausible answer is that, these letters are elements that delivers a concrete text to advertise products, goods and services. Furthermore, influencer marketing is booming greatly right now. So if you’d like a recommendation on where to go, check out Red Pill a influencer marketing agency. They’ve won multiple awards and worked with very large clientele.

The definition of letter design

What is letter design and how does it effectively function as a marketing tool? First, let us define what lettering is. By definition, lettering is the process of making best illustrations with letters, numbers or any type of character or phrase. Meaning to say, it does not only settle with plain texts but is also concerned with the design. Of course, we all know that visual arts is the key element to capture the attention of the people especially the consumers which is why there are business heads from the different sectors and industries who are making letter design as an effective tool in achieving great visual design through letters.

What are the key elements of a letter design?

Think about the basic spatial elements such as color, shape and personality. These three are generally the elements involved when you try to create your own letter design. In constructing a design, you should definitely make sure that the harmony, balance and texture of colors and shapes should be organised and eye-catching to make sure that the consumers will really give attention to it. What makes letter design special and unique is that, it does not really need long texts at all. In fact, there are more and more companies who appreciate the value of making a company logo with just a couple letters only. Imagine that even two letters can convey a pool of meaning that is why, you need to be very meticulous and careful in crafting your design.

Does 2-letter design effective as a marketing tool?

One should not underestimate the power of a 2-letter design in representing your brand. In fact, statistics show that there are over 60% of companies world-wide who uses letter designs as logo to represent the overall brand. This letter-based logos is popularly referred to as lettermarks or ligatures. Now, what is really the purpose of these letter design techniques in marketing? Well, basically, the original purpose of this strategy is mainly about maintaining legibility and uniformity but then on, creativity of the visual arts has made the letter designs as a functional or high-level graphic design –work of art beyond simple inscription.

Again, just like the pictures, letters is also a form of graphic design which has the ability to convey direct message. It may seem to be just letters but if you would succeed in making it become something that would make a visual impact to all people, then you can definitely exceed your expectations and achieve productive results. If you own a business that needs the professional edge on letters you send out then hire Outre Creative  an agency who specialise in designing high quality letter designs.

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The Modern Ways of Marketing Educational Institutions

School Hallway

Marketing drives business to boom. In fact, it is the process in promoting goods and services. Now, all sectors in the different industries especially in the field of education needs marketing as they need to advertise to get the attention of their potential customers. Moreover, marketing also involves increasing sales and revenues for the company that is why you need to do all the tricks in convincing the customers to commit and to purchase what you are offering.

The type of marketing tool to use is really not a major issue because as of today, there are so many kinds of marketing strategies that exist, so that means you will likely have a pool of options to choose from. The problem is, what effective marketing strategies you think that would work for you best. So, if you are looking for a marketing and communication strategy which will help the educational institution grow and gain revenues, then you need more than just academic standing or historical characteristics to compel students to your institution but you need more marketing techniques to engage them.

This article would share to you the different and modern educational marketing trends that would hook people to your institution. If you are interested in finding a service for your educational institute then you should look to hire a professionals who specialise in such service such as GK & Partners, but before that read on to gain valuable insights.

  • Market using Social media

Social media is so powerful because the advent of technology had rooted deep into the very core of almost everyone across the globe. Today, you are going to be hard pressed to find a student who does not own an iPhone, Nokia, Samsung or any other kind of smartphone devices. Thus, there are these institutions especially in education who make use of the social media as a marketing tool and statistics show that social media marketing has been proven to have a big impact in sales and recruitment.

One of the hippest social media of today is Facebook. Therefore, using Facebook could likely increase the institution’s recruiting possibilities as the kids spend more time on this social networking site. Furthermore, another advantage to mention is, Facebook is free and you do not have to use external funding to market your school which is why it is not surprising that there are over 80% of universities in the country who use social media in the recruiting process and most percentage largely go to FB marketing.

  • Text Message Marketing

Text messaging has still retained its power when it comes to effective marketing. To date, the success rate of text messaging is still high in marketing which makes it ideal way to market to students who typically live on their cell phones’ SMS. This marketing strategy through mobile engagement enables educational institutions to market their services fast.

  • Marketing through Open-house events

Open-house events have long been used as a marketing strategy but up to now, its efficiency rate is still very high. At this present time, the open-house marketing strategy has evolved and added some twist to make it trendy and in order to do that, you should basically be able to know the different ways to host, promote and engage the attendees so they can make a final decision in choosing the right one or your educational institution.

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Why You Need a Freelance SEO Manager for Search Marketing

If you’re running a website then you need good search engine optimisation so that it shows up in search engine results. Without this people might not even know your business exists. You can do it yourself or you can hire a freelance SEO consultant to do it for you. The second option is the best and here is why.

  1. Search Marketing is a Specialist Skill

SEO isn’t something that you can just pick up overnight. SEO professionals have put years of effort into mastering SEO and you need that experience working for you. Google and other search engines have made a lot of changes over the past decade and knowing how everything has changed allows you to predict the future. There’s no shortcuts to learning SEO. It takes time and effort.

SEO also requires people to blend skills together perfectly. Proper SEO involves carefully balancing your business objectives and metrics with the inner workings of SEO, all while keeping user experience in mind. If you’ve ever found yourself wondering why true SEO copywriters are paid so much it’s because it’s just that complex and difficult to do properly. The best solution is to find a savvy SEO consultant person with plenty of marketing experience.

  1. You Don’t Have The Time It Takes to Keep Up

SEO is a business that changes every single day. The Google algorithm can change on a daily basis. There’s no point in trying to stay on top of all the changes unless you’re an SEO yourself. Let someone who understands Google try and stay on top of everything.

  1. It’s Cost-Effective

Remember that you get what you pay for. It applies to everything; including search marketing. Clients may say that they want the lowest prices for SEO strategies and marketing but the lowest prices gives you the worst results. If you care about results you should pay the fair market value.

As SEO is so expensive to do properly the most cost-effective solution becomes to hire an SEO freelancer as and when you need one. Trying to take care of it yourself can cost your business money because you aren’t running it, and hiring an employee or an SEO consultancy means that you’re paying for someone when you don’t need them. Only hire a freelancer when you need them and you only pay them when you need them.

  1. You’re Running a Business

You chose to enter your field of business for the pretty simple reason; it’s what you know and you’re good at it. The same applies to SEO freelancers, see one of London’s top consultants – www.garethseoconsultant.co.uk. They’re doing what they do best, allowing you to have the time and energy to do what you do best; running your business.

The right freelancer can get your online marketing program running sooner than you think and give you a great cost-effective method to improve your website. Best of all you only invest in the things you want and can afford. It’s better for all involved.

  1. They Have the Motivation Needed to Succeed

No one is hungrier than a freelance SEO; almost literally. They only get to eat when they work and they only get to work if they have a good reputation behind them. Their success is literally built on their success. Black Hat SEOs are becoming a dying breed and it takes discipline, motivation, and a little time to get the best results. Ignore the people who tell you that they can get you on top of Google overnight.

The right freelance SEO will push your website in the right direction and prevent you from getting taken off of Google. They won’t tell you to do anything shady because they need you to succeed legitimately so that they can succeed. Instead they work hard to give you a good impression and earn your recommendation. A freelance SEO works harder and smarter and your business is the one that gets the benefits.

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How To Get B2B Leads Easily!

A business in this scheme without a steady flow of warm leads, is a business that will be out of function very soon. If you are in this scheme and would like to have a lot of success, then you need to have a good supply of leads, because this is what will build your client base and therefore grow your income.

Without leads it’s impossible to make your business successful, and in case you realize your business is facing a shortage of leads, or maybe the leads you are getting are not converting as well as expected, then it’s time to change this situation, and you will discover how thanks to this article.

Use LinkedIn – Your Best Friend:

This social network focused on businessmen is a goldmine for you. If you are not currently exploiting it, then you are missing out a lot, because this can be a great source of leads for you, but you need to know how to work with this social network in order to get an avalanche of profitable and high-value leads.

Everything you need to do is to join LinkedIn groups. Just like Facebook, this social network also comes with this incredible feature, because here you are not going to just share some nice pics, because in these groups you can find a lot of people who can become your clients.

In fact, it’s calculated that people in LinkedIn spend around 6 hours per week of their time in the network. So you should go online and find many niche-related groups in this social network.

But how to post? All you need to do is to post INFORMATIONAL content, something that’s actually helpful for your audience rather than just plain propaganda. Don’t be silly, because doing spam won’t get you that far, none on LinkedIn likes that.

Build Your Expertise Online:

Serious business owners want to work with people who actually know what they are doing, that’s why it’s important for you to show your expertise online. We recommend you to set up your own website, and have a blog there, where you can share useful blog posts which are loaded with ton of useful info, so people can see you are the real expert in your niche/industry.

This is something that most people miss out, you need to become a specialist on something. You need to show everyone that you are a professional specialist in your area. This will build trust and therefore make it a lot easier for you to close deals, and of course, to generate more leads. Because people will be more eager to contact you.

You do not only have to post in your website. You can also open your own YouTube channel and also join other sites like Slideshare and publish good content in those platforms. If you have any problems doing it in house, you can speak to a company like Circle Research to help find who your target market is and where they are online. Also, don’t forget to syndicate your content to social networks like LinkedIn, Twitter and even targeted Facebook groups, these are pure gold when worked the right way.

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