A DBS check which is also known as Disclosure and barring service check is an essential check that is conducted for an individual who is planning to join a particular service such as dealing with child care, the vulnerable group, old age homes and other such sectors.

In order to apply for a DBS check you would need some information about yourself that needs to be furnished to the employer. You would also need to complete a basic disclosure application. These are the following steps that need to be completed in order to furnish information about your self

  • Buy your basic disclosure online and provide the required details
  • You would need to fill in the Basic disclosure application with all required details
  • Your application would be processed in the next 2- 3 weeks

A Disclosure and barring Service check is the only level, which is available for individuals to obtain for themselves. Organizations can also access this level on behalf of their employees. On the other hand a standard DBS check is only available to organizations to right of entry on behalf of their employees. An individual cannot apply for a Standard CRB Check on himself or herself.

In order to go through the DBS check, the applicant must be able to show

  • Passport
  • Biometric residence permit
  • Current driving license with recent photograph
  • Birth certificate
  • Adoption certificate

If the Applicant does not have any of the above documents, then he must have

  • Current driving license that is valid
  • Marriage certificate
  • HM forces ID card
  • Firearms license
  • Birth certificate

As an individual you would be eligible for a basic DBS check that will show any kind of unspent criminal convictions. You would receive a certificate that you can keep for yourself. Standard and organization checks are available for organizations to apply on behalf of their employees.

  • Basically you need to have any of the following documents from the following groups

Group 1

  • Current valid passport
  • Biometric Residence Permit (UK)
  • Current driving licence (UK), full or provisional. Photo card only for Isle of Man/Channel Islands licences, which should be presented with the associated counterpart license (except Jersey)
  • Birth certificate (UK and Channel Islands), issued at the time of birth. The full and short forms are both acceptable, including those issued by UK authorities overseas, e.g. Embassies, High Commissions and HM Forces (photocopies are not acceptable).

Group 2a

  • Current UK driving license (old style paper version)
  • Current non-UK photo driving licence (valid for up to 12 months from the date you entered the UK)
  • Birth certificate (UK and Channel Islands) issued after the time of birth by the General Register Office/relevant authority (photocopies are not acceptable)
  • Marriage/civil partnership certificate (UK and Channel Islands)
  • Adoption certificate (UK and Channel Islands)
  • HM Forces ID card (UK)
  • Firearms License (UK and Channel Islands)

Group 2b

  • Mortgage statements
  • Bank building and society statements
  • Bank and account opening form statements
  • Financial statements
  • Council Tax statement
  • Work Permit/Visa
  • Letter of sponsorship
  • Utility bill
  • Benefit statement
  • Document from central/local government authority
  • EU National ID Card.

These documents are also important for applying for a DBS statement. Another thing that is required for a DBS check is that you need to have a mental health certificate that is issued by a government hospital that will show that you are absolutely in the positive state of mind before applying for a job. You need this information before you apply for a particular job like working with children, the vulnerable group, mentally disabled people and special group. Ensure that these documents are with you and you can show then while a CRB check and there is smooth flow of the process. The DBS gives you a clear check so that you can work in the desired organization

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