Airpods 1st Generation Unboxing + NEW Cases & Accessories

Airpods 1st Generation Unboxing + NEW Cases & Accessories

Welcome back everyone! I really hope you guys enjoy this unboxing! For all of you that have AirPods or are thinking about purchasing some, this video is for you!

Fancy Marble Hard Protective Shockproof Case For Apple Airpods 1 2

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    She showed off her nails so much it was cringey also apple products come precharged and if she read the pamphlet that’s “not important” she would know what the buttons for also it’s 2020 yay also way cooler AirPods nowadays

    If you check the serial number on the bottom on the AirPods themselves they could be gen 2 they kept the case gen 1 because it didn’t need upgrades but the pods might be newer than first gen

    Um i think thats 2nd generation because 1st generation has the dot outside the case not the inside i have the 2nd generation and the button is inside the case so i dont think thats the 1st generation💕✌🏻Just saying💕💫

    The white light means it's ready to be set up not that they need charging cuz they usually don't when u first get them, also the first 2 cases won't really protect your AirPods since they are so thin

    so I was scrolling through my grands amazon account and saw recent orders which was airpods! arrived last Friday! I was hyped! next, I see under the tree a small rectangular box!!! I don't know if its airpods but my hopes are very high!!!

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