AirPods & AirPods Pro Hidden Features! 10 Apple Secrets

AirPods & AirPods Pro Hidden Features! 10 Apple Secrets

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    nice tip the fact that there is touch sensitive case to check battery, i've just tested it cos i didn't believe you and it works, love this little esater eggs.. weird that apple doesn't tell you about this…
    little pro tip , despite the test to check if the seal is right, try other sizes, cos mine got green with the medium ones, but the small ones are way better .

    A TIP YOU MIGHT WANT TO SHARE… People are having getting the Airpod Pro’s out of their case easily. That is because they are doing it like AirPod 1/2. What you do to get the Pro’s out… Flip case open, hook the AirPod Pros with your finger from the side of the hinge and pull towards you. POP they come out quite easily. To put them back in and not thing twice about it… Notice it is basically Black Long Pupils facing you when you open the case… make sure you put each Eyeball in looking back at you. 🤯

    Hey Sam, your content is really improving! Love how your channel is growing along with Drew’s from Tailosive. Looking forward to hitting those 200k subs. Thank you for all your hard work! God bless

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