Full REVIEW : Sony WENA Wrist Pro Smart Watch Strap (Japan Edition)

Full REVIEW : Sony WENA Wrist Pro Smart Watch Strap (Japan Edition)

A review of a WENA Wrist Pro Smart Watch Band imported From Japan. The connected watch strap that turns a standard watch into a smartwatch. Gain some …

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47 Comments on "Full REVIEW : Sony WENA Wrist Pro Smart Watch Strap (Japan Edition)"

    Interesting idea, but half-baked. However, the price tag is not the right one either. For this price, most of the people will go for a fully functional smart watch with far more features inside or they will create a combination- a normal watch with a smart band. 119-130 greens are the correct price tag for the market. Thanks for the video! Well done job as a review.

    I'll just stick with my cheap Casio sports watch. The notifications would be really handy, but if I'm inside, I'm probably gonna have immediate access to my phone, but if I was on a walk, or at a convention, it'd make sense to want to check notifs without pulling out my phone… But.. You can't read the bloody screen outside, and that design would clash with just about any cosplay imaginable.

    it just looks hideous. Maybe if they did a jubilee version it would look slightly better, but it just looks like a cheap chunky strap from aliexpress. And the cherry on top is that ugly ass PULSAR watch (No offence, it looks awful, too thick)

    Intresting concept… Despite the fact I would never buy one does not mean other people will not.
    So all in all a very good video and if I ever see one on East lancs carboot I will know what it can and cannot do.
    I found aftershokz headphones for £20 a week after watching your video… Had I not watched it I would have missed out on a bargain.

    interesting product.. I can see a strong market for a smart watch that would work with a non smart expensive chronograph watch. so this would fit the bill.. but with those down sides, I will pause.

    look at that, you have to pay to pay. what the hell. why would i ever want a watch that forces me to pay a monthly fee, to be able to buy things, i already pay for debit transactions. think i will stick with my galaxy watch 3. where i don't have to pay to use google pay or samsung pay.

    All these "Smart" watches. Amazing how people buy into this garbage. I don't get taken by this crap. I'll stick with my $4000 wind up watch thank you. Hasn't failed me in 20 years and it'll be on my whist in another 20 years. Like to see these "Smart" watches last this long. Garbage.

    Wow, what a waste of money. This is why I love Techmoan, I get to see things I might be slightly tempted to buy and let someone else take the hit.

    £300 for a steel watchstrap with all the features of a 1990s pager? Absolutely staggering. I bought my 8 year old godson a smartwatch that had Facebook, touchscreen, fitness tracker, ability to make and receive calls, WhatsApp, etc etc etc – for £17. And they're selling this garbage for more than an Apple watch? 🤣 Never ceases to amaze me what tripe some people will buy.

    The worse part is, they're not even attractive, just typical steel straps you see on £10 watches in Argos.

    It's sending you notifications you'd get from the phone that's in your damn pocket, and it's got contact less pay, much like most cards and phones have. Is it really worth £300 to save yourself taking your phone out at the bar? Considering how often people have their phone in their hand, is it any better to have them looking at their watch every two seconds to know they've got a notification?

    I'm genuinely intrigued who's buying this, apart from YouTube review channels, who on earth is buying dogshit like this? What purpose does it serve? Why choose this and its 1990 pager functions and not a Samsung gear that's got 10 times the features (including all the ones this has) for just over £100?

    What really makes it worse is that it doesn't even say Sony, it's Wena, who might be a Sony company fair enough, but how many people would know that? You see Wena, you think £4 off Amazon, right? Try telling your mates it's Sony and it cost you £300, they'd laugh you away.

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