I200-Tws VS Airpods gen 2 – PERFECT CLONE

I200-Tws VS Airpods gen 2 – PERFECT CLONE

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    Okay so I know not everyone has had a bad experience with these AirPods from podsbay. But I have and they refuse to answer my multiple messages about the defective AirPods I received. The batter percentages are always wrong. The connection drops whenever it feels like it. Battery life is good. Sound is good. The charging case broke almost immediately upon trying to connect them. And worst of all the AirPods refuse to work with my MacBook. And to top it all off the podsbay folks won’t reply to my messages. I trusted this youtuber and his reviews and I ordered these AirPods and I’m very upset

    Another difference is that on the clone, if u pay attention to the top right corner on ur phone, there is an icon that appears as a Headphone icon with a little battery bar if u use the clones, but when you use the real ones, its just the headphone icon without the battery bar

    You gave these your stamp of approval and they do sound good but they are a pain to connect and the pair button broke soon after getting them. I’m very displeased and now I feel like I can’t trust certain reviewers anymore.

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