iPhone 11 – 20 New Features!

iPhone 11 – 20 New Features!

Apple announced the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, and the iPhone 11 Pro Max. We cover most of the new features. SUBSCRIBE HERE: …

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42 Comments on "iPhone 11 – 20 New Features!"

    I’m using the iPhone 11 now and am the thing that has amazed me is the battery life, it truly is amazing, I have owned the huawei mate 20 and p30 as well as a pixel 3a xl and s10 and the iPhone 11 in the real world has been amazing, I notice that Android seems to use more battery in standby than the iPhone too

    none of these are big changes if you are not a professional photographer. i think apple just adds minor features to not get out of ideas…. jst my idea

    -an apple fan

    lmao thats my idea and im a huge apple fan. just a lil critision is ok right?

    Same old garbage really. It overall functions the same adding another camera is something I don’t consider a “major” update. The only good I can see in this is the cpu upgrade and the drop in price which is really impressive after the $999 dollar rip off monitor stand stunt.

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