iPhone 8 vs iPhone XR – which should you buy? (2019 Comparison)

iPhone 8 vs iPhone XR – which should you buy? (2019 Comparison)

The iPhone 8, 8 Plus and XR might only have a year between them but they look like completely different phones due to the shift in home button to the notch.

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    Home button or no home button? That's really what is comes down to if you're deciding between these phones- although I would argue that the iPhone XR is better value. Review of the XR – https://youtu.be/qTEfYtxIUCU

    What do you think? Agree with me? Strongly agree with me? Always curious to see everyone's opinions on videos like these.

    Theres no point to the iphone 11 its an iphone xr 2. Theres a deep fusion app in the app store so you can buy an iphone xr way cheaper and still have photos just as good as the 11. I had the 8plus for 2 years. It was the worst iphone for photos imo. It never took good portrait photos an could never see the phone screen in bright light over time. The XR was an improvement didnt want the 11 cant stand that huge camera bump.

    My iPhone 8 cost me $2,000.00. The camera is so good that I want to make some home movies, so I bought a zhiyun smooth 4 gimbal, and then I bought a Moondog anamorphic lens, and then I bought a used IMac 27” mid 2017 computer to edit videos.

    it’s literally just over 2 years old and people are like ‘is it worth it’.
    bihhhhh. of course it is. otherwise thanks for the comparison. I have the yellow iPhone XR and it’s a gem. buy it!!! definitely won’t let you down.

    This is exactly Apple's psychology behind products … If you pay just 100 more … if you pay just 100 more … if you pay just … and suddenly you are paying 800 for the overpriced phone with capabilities from 2008 …. noo Sir… Galaxy all the way. And that stupid notch is stupid

    I'd suggest getting an Android. I've owned Motorola's all of my life and finally made the move to iphone 11. Sorry I did. I could name about 10 things that made my life much easier and in some cases not even possible on the Apple. Things like launching the camera by flicking your wrist, 'Kill All' of your open apps with 1 keystroke, marking all text and mail as 'Read,' with 1 keystroke, etc, etc…Not to mention the worthless calendar and size of the editing windows in the iphone! And what the hell is with all the ads? Apple constantly asking me to purchase more cloud space, how the F do you stop getting these annoying prompts? I also find it amusing how Apple owners are constantly saying their products are better when they are using processors designed for PCs. If they weren't totally GIVING AWAY the iphone FOR FREE I never would have made the switch, I seriously feel like I've made a giant leap backwards in technology. You people that have to argue about upgrading every year simply won't understand, you're being used.

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