iPhone XR – One Year Later

iPhone XR – One Year Later

iPhone XR has been out for 1 year and I used it quite a bit last year and full time as a video camera outside. iPhone XR is one of the best selling iPhones of all …

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    Aaron! I'm very surprised and upset with you. Ss to criticize cause you are such a good youtuber but do not say search it on Google! I hate google and for goodness sake you know that there are many other search engines. It's OK we say Vaseline for petroleum jelly. It's not okay to say google it! I hate that.
    I love my xr. It's perfect after one year with no screen scratches

    Thanks for making this video Aaron ! My 10 R is two weeks away from being one-year-old and it still has 100% battery health and works perfectly 👍🏻 This device was worth every penny I paid for it !!!

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