New AirPods 2/Pro Update & iOS 13.3.1 Beta Released!

New AirPods 2/Pro Update & iOS 13.3.1 Beta Released!

Apple just released iOS 13.3.1 for developers, but none of the existing bugs with Screen Time Communication Limits appeared to be fixed. Plus, there’s a new …

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25 Comments on "New AirPods 2/Pro Update & iOS 13.3.1 Beta Released!"

    I think that after that AirPods update my left AirPod stopped working properly. It doesn’t recognize if it is in ear and I can only connect it to my iPhone after I’ve putted the right AirPod. Also when I put it back to the case the light flashes. Does anybody has the same problem?

    Hello everyone, Recently I have faced the problems with my iPhone 11. Which I have buy from China and it is China model device. In the device I can insert dual SIM cards and use it. But after inserting SIM card all my device works properly and the network is also almost good. But when I try to call from one carrier network then another carrier lost the signal of it and shows as No service and vice versa. This problem is also in while receiving calls in one carrier and it always lost the signal of another carrier. I have tried almost all troubleshooting of my device. By changing SIM card, reinstall iOS software from iTunes. I have talked to Apple support also they are unknown about this problem they diagnosed my device and say there is no problem with device and I have told them maybe it was a software problem. But I didn’t get good answers from them. So, I am here. Have any body from this community using China model iPhone 11 and face the same problem. I want to conform to know that it is not device problem. I want to take my device to the service center but there is no apple authorizes service center in my country. So I have to send my device in another country. And apple support people also said that I don’t have to send my device anywhere. So, anybody here to know about this problem. (iPhone 11 iOS13.3).

    That's not the only thing wrong with communication limits. Apple really screwed this up big time. I have 2 teens that I use screen time on. Locking down to specific contacts is shady at best. One kid worked…the other does not work. Has an issue with iCloud contacts…. definitely bigger problems here. Apple needs to pull their head out of their asses.

    My AirPods Pro appear to be updated already.. not sure why you describe it as not easy.. I actually wasn’t even aware that it had updated until checking and I’ve never plugged it into lightning cable so it just did it on its own I guess

    My AirPods Pro have had major connection issues for me, more so with switching between transparency and noise canceling mode. I’m hoping the update fixes it. Also sometimes the AirPods would get out of sync, and sometimes one would lose connection for a bit, after switching noise modes. Overall not reliable, I sometimes had to put the AirPods back in the case to be able to switch back to noise cancellation, after getting stuck on transparency. Nothing I tried made it switch over. There are a few times where the case wasn’t near me, so it was really inconvenient.

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