OnePlus 7 first with 5G, New AirPod technology & more – Pocketnow Daily

OnePlus 7 first with 5G, New AirPod technology & more – Pocketnow Daily

The Snapdragon 855 mobile platform: Leading a new decade of 5G, AI, and XR. On …

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41 Comments on "OnePlus 7 first with 5G, New AirPod technology & more – Pocketnow Daily"

    #oneplus is famous because of
    1) good quality
    2) comparatively cheaper price…
    If 5g will make it expensive it will be be only good quality expensive phone…which we already have like samsung note! Google pixels; iphones…so I think I am not going to buy at that rate although I am a great fan of OP !

    Id get the 6t purely because i don't want anything to do with 5g. For the record I've notice not a damn difference between 3g and 4g i find 4g to be just as slow as 3g. So as a person said why move to a new standard when your current standard is far from perfect.
    It's just hype. And you got this dude in the comment section like "we need 5g"
    Tell me why we need 5g?
    Are 4g is dog shit what they need to do is fix what they already have.

    OnePlus has made so many mistakes it's hard to keep count.
    * CEO Pete Lau announced on-stage that one of its 2019 flagship phones would be the first device to launch with Qualcomm's Snapdragon 855 chipset. As it turns out, what he meant to say was the phone in question would be "among the first" smartphones to use the 855. Excuse – the person who wrote the slide was not a native English speaker. In reality, it probably was that OnePlus just wanted free publicity.
    * The credit card details of up to 40,000 OnePlus users were intercepted between November 2017 and January 2018
    * OnePlus leaves a backdoor open in certain devices that allowed root access to the device without having to unlock its bootloader first
    * OnePlus continues to relay personally identifiable device information to itself without specific user permission.
    Never settle for an overpriced underwhelming budget phone.

    Even with the OnePlus 7 200 bucks more expensive, that is still going to be cheaper than every other 5G phone on the market. Seriously, you think Samsung won't raise prices by $200+ for a 5G phone?

    I would just buy the OnePlus 7 without 5g and save 200$. Hopefully OnePlus phones stays within 500$-650$ range, that would be very nice. Don't need IPS rating, wireless charging, or dual speakers. Just keep the price low.

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    I'm all for moving the technology forward to 5G & Snapdragon 855

    I want to see what it has to offer but
    I don't think if you put this new technology into the OnePlus 7 it's going to be worth $200 to $300 price bump up and look at the bigger picture
    if OnePlus plus is talking about going up to $300 in price what about Apple what about Samsung what about LG that means Samsung, LG and Apple is going to go up 200 to $300 in there price also
    And let's think about this the new iPhones are already around $1,300.00 to $1,400
    the Samsung Galaxy Notes is around $1,000
    And in my opinion I don't know about everybody else that's too high of a price to pay for any smartphone I don't care what nobody say in my personal opinion you cannot justify these prices
    that's just some food for thought

    Jaime —- Trip to Hawaii, you forgot to mention that Qualcomm has finally surpassed the A10. Congrats to those losers. Wouldn't be so proud about that, it might have been cool in 2016.

    An extra price jump in 5g enabled phones and more money that carriers will charge for 5g service…the price for new tech won't be cheap, nor will it come without hiccups. Going to wait it out a year or two before jumping on board with 5g.

    that means samsung can finally give us the their exynos chip instead … please samsung do that so that you dont have to dummy down your chip so international phones with exynos chip have to be equal with snapdragon chip…

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