Pixel 3a vs iPhone XR: Camera Test Comparison! (4K)

Pixel 3a vs iPhone XR: Camera Test Comparison! (4K)

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33 Comments on "Pixel 3a vs iPhone XR: Camera Test Comparison! (4K)"

    That's seriously insane over-saturation from iPhone. On many photos it looks more vibrant, but where colors are already vibrant it just messes up the photo

    Pixel should of won, 2/3 of this comparison was based on video which pixel wins in avoiding blurs with quick moments but other than that XR wins cuz it can go to 60 FPS. But pixel beats XR on pretty much all photo comparisons. Quite biased ngl

    If you like video more than picture than iPhone if you like pictures more than video than pixel but then there's night sight on the pixel so if you care about that then pixel

    Pixel 3a is for DUMBS… many honest youtuber an bloogers say behind the PICEL there are a LOT OF PEOPLE PAYED (Marques Brownlee, KRYSTAL… ) This phone (Pixel 3a) is far from any iPhone (yes.. even iPhone 5S…) and many Xiamois, Huawis, and so…

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