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The Tablet Smartphone Battle: Apple's iPhone 6 Plus Vs Samsung's Galaxy Note 4

Apple's latest release highlighted the company's new targets into the tablet smartphone market with the iPhone 6 Plus. Their biggest smartphone ever produced showed a keen interest in competing with a major competitor, Samsung, who recently released the Galaxy Note 4. To decide which device belongs in your pocket, we compare their key features in a summarized review.

Design and Build

Both smartphones hold on to the ability for use in one hand without having to call in the other. Samsung have ditched the use of plastic for a front casing and opted for an aluminum build, putting it closer in design terms to the Apple iPhone, giving it that much needed sleekness. While the iPhone 6 Plus is a little taller than the Note 4, it is significantly thinner, giving it the overall edge in comfort. Where the Note 4 does win is with its removable back cover, allowing easy service and battery replacement.


With the iPhone 6 Plus, you receive a large 5.5-inch 1080p IPS LCD, while the Galaxy Note 4 gives you a larger 5.7-inch QHD Super Amoled screen with a far higher 2,560 x 1,440 pixel resolution. Numbers wise, the Samsung is a clear winner, famous for their spectacular smartphone displays and fantastic contrast ratios, perfect for use in darkened rooms.

Power and Performance

Specifications compared, the Samsung is the power brute. Running on the latest Snapdragon processor, this device has more RAM than the iPhone and the latest Adreno GPU to handle advanced gaming. The iPhone 6 Plus runs on the new A8 processor and the quad-core PowerVR GPU copes just as well with gaming applications but on paper is weaker. If you're a multi-tasker that flicks between games and emails, the Samsung Note 4 will no doubt cope better than Apple's device.


Both devices are fantastic for taking photos, up-close and from afar. The main change is the adding of optical image stabilization, fantastic for photos in low-lit environments. If you really want to know megapixel counts, the Samsung offers 16-megapixels while the iPhone offers 8-megapixels, but most consumers are aware this is insignificant in today's world.

Battery Life

As an overall larger device, it's no surprise that the Samsung holds a larger battery. But it's important to note it also has a more advanced processor that will eat through its battery supply. Upon thorough testing, the Samsung lasts ever so lightly longer than the iPhone, which has a poor reputation for battery life. Luckily, both devices charge most of their batteries extremely quickly as a result of advanced technology.

Concluding Point

If you're looking for a tablet smartphone that has impeccable design, ease of use and high responsiveness, then the iPhone 6 Plus is the winner. If you're in search for something new and innovative, with higher power and more advanced technology, then the Galaxy Note 4 is a no-brainer.

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Top iPhone Apps For Lawyers

I could open this review of top iPhone apps for lawyers by rolling out clichΓ©d expressions like, "it would be a crime not to purchase these apps" or "don't be found guilty of serious iPhone mistreatment by not buying these top applications". Because you're likely to be rational, logical and sharp-minded individuals, I am not going to insult your intelligence with such cheesy rhetoric; instead this article will use only the hard facts and leave you to make the right choices yourself. Here are the Top iPhone Apps for Lawyers:

Pocket Lawyer
Ever wished you could shrink down a top lawyer, cram their encyclopedic knowledge into you pocket and wangle your way out of any tricky legal situation? If so, then this iPhone application is perfect. The miniature know-it-all doesn't just offer information on the most common crimes; it also provides details of the types of sentences available for each crime and sites where the information (which document) is coming from. This application will put a library's worth of data in the palm of your hand.

FBI Handbook
CSI has inspired a generation of wannabe forensic scientists ready to take to the mean streets of America armed with a polythene jumpsuit and a fingerprint duster. Knowing the mechanics behind the FBI's investigations is essential if a lawyer is going to mix it up with the big boys in the courtroom. One of the most convenient ways to tap into the core procedures of the Federal Bureau is this iPhone application. It pays to be prepared when dealing with a slick operation like the FBI which is why you need a slick iPhone application like FBI Handbook to make sure you're not caught short.

Cliff Maier Reference Apps
When you're looking for a comprehensive, well presented and authoritative set of legal guides, you should look no further than the Cliff Maier legal reference iPhone applications. The apps are not only varied but are accessible offline which means you can always gain access to that crucial legal detail even when your connection drops. Some of the legal apps by Cliff Maier are Federal Rules of Criminal Procedure, NY CPL, The Constitution, Patent Rules; the list stretches on into distance. Save yourself the torture of sitting bleary eyed, hunched over a dusty legal book and download as many of these guides as you can.

Court Days- Date Calculator for Lawyers
With so many statutes, dates and cases packed into one cranium, a lawyer can be forgiven for not remembering every date in their busy schedule. This iPhone application can easily calculate how many court, or calendar, days there are between given dates. Because every jurisdiction has different observances of holidays, this is a handy app to keep around, especially if you work in more than one jurisdiction. This application functions in exactly the way the iPhone's built-in calendar does and allows you to store multiple dates on a single screen.

Case Mate
So many clients, so little time (and space) to look after them all … As your list of cases grows, the amount of information you need to keep organized also increases. This is definitely one of the top iPhone apps for lawyers and is a must have for those who ever find themselves sifting through endless piles of paper, case notes and lists of things to do. This all-in-one iPhone app allows you to control and store all the important information relevant to a particular case on your iPhone.

Reviewing for your legal and bar exams can be a stressful task and a period in your life when the twilight hours and caffeine become close friends. BARBRI is one of the top iPhone apps for lawyers and law students because it provides course outlines, lectures and practice questions that help ensure you don't mix a single important case in your exams and beyond. The software allows you to take the "BARBI challenge" and see how much of a legal eagle you are and whether you are flying high with the top brains in your peer group or looking up at the rest.

Black's Law Dictionary, 8th Edition
If Hollywood is to be believed, then every lawyer has an endless base of knowledge with every definition and legal acronym ready on the tip of their tongue. Real life is a little different and being a veritable stream of knowledge doesn't come naturally for many lawyers. Black's Law Dictionary for the iPhone is the best way to make sure that you never miss an opportunity to reel off a definitive list of legal jargon. With over 43,000 definitions and 3,000 top legal quotes, you'll never be lost for words again.

Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite
In an increasingly mobile world, the office and all its contents are now no longer confined to, well, the office. This is an iPhone application that allows you to create, edit, send and transport vital information from your iPhone to your desktop and beyond. With this app, Word and Excel documents are now easily created and edited directly from your iPhone. Never leave home without your office again with Quickoffice, which in my opinion, is essential for all types of business people who own an iPhone. Simply put, any list of top iPhone apps for lawyers or business people wouldn't be complete without this app.

Where would we be without Wikipedia? Well, we'd probably have fewer sentences filled with Ws but we'd also still be laboriously thumbing through a traditional encyclopedia for a jumpstart on the information we need. Wikipanion is a great free iPhone app that can help any lawyer look up a term or case and get a nice overview. This app provides direct access to Wikipedia and Wiktionary by using some great search and formatting functions that add up to a sleek and easy-to-use interface.

Keeping abreast of the world news is important if you're aiming to be the top dog in the courtroom. NetNewsWire is an RSS reader iPhone app that directly links to all of the weblogs and news sites across the Internet that provide RSS feeds. This app will sync to your home computer and will allow you to mark articles that you've read and save articles to read later. Anyone who likes to get information via RSS feeds needs to download this free app.

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