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I sold my iPhone XS for an iPhone XR..

Why I sold my iPhone XS for an iPhone XR.. | iPhone XR vs iPhone XS Comparison So, I’ve been using both the iPhone XS and the iPhone XR since launch, …

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Will The Nissan GTR Break 7 Minutes At The Ring As The First Production Car?

I have begun to wonder if the Nissan GT-R may attempt to be the first car to lap the Ring in Nurburg in under 7 minutes, becoming the first legitimate production car to do so.

It seems the race hasn’t stopped yet since Nissan’s epic debut at the Tokyo Auto show with the 7:29 video as the prelude to the unveiling of the 2009 GT-R. In my opinion, it was modestly tuned, and there wasn’t a serious emphasis on weight reduction, as Kazutoshi Mizuno added in response to the weight reduction inquiries, “GT-R is a multi-performance supercar” and that the ‘GT-R is a supercar for anyone, anytime, anywhere’, with even snow in mind, which even influenced their decision in the tires.

I was quite impressed with the initial 7:19 time around Nurburgring of the Dodge ACR, followed by the 7:19 by the Nurburgring edition ZR1, followed shortly after with the 7:14 of the Nurburgring Edition LFA, and now the 7:12 from the ACR.

I was thinking about this, and how it would be interesting to see how a modified GT-R fares, similarly to how the ACR is a modified track prepped Dodge Viper with full weight reduction. Chevrolet produced the Carbon Edition C6 Z06, and then in turn the Nurburgring ZR1. Lexus then followed suit with the Nurburgring edition LFA. I am curious, were Nissan to go balls out on a Spec V version.

Then I thought about how the R33 GTR was the first production car to lap the ring in under 8 minutes.

Nissan could have easily gone balls to the wall, but rather they are incrementally increasing the GT-R’s performance, starting with model years 2012, then potentially 2013, in incremental amounts of added horsepower, weight reduction, suspension tweaks and other performance additions. This in itself almost seems a brilliant marketing ploy to the likes of Apple with the iPhone.

It almost seems they are waiting for everyone give it their best shot, and then perhaps come back out and try for another good time.

With cars now dipping into the low 7 minute mark, it would be exciting to see Nissan once again break the next minute barrier.

Considering how the R32 GTR was soon given the nickname Godzilla after obliterating everyone in Japan after it’s release for 29 races straight of domination. Then onto Australia for more domination, until they eventually banned it from racing. Then when it was actually allowed to race, the rules gave it a huge handicap of added weight until the competitors could catch up.

Then the mark left by the R33 GTR in Nurburg.

I don’t know of a huge mark left by the R34 GTR aside being a beautiful car that I wish I owned, and Mine’s R34 speaks for itself.

I would love to see Nissan leave a mark of this proportion with the R35 GT-R, it would be historical.

It is already breaking the laws of physics when taking the power versus weight ratio into consideration, and Nissan seems to be a tad modest, as they even produced the GT-R with driving in the snow in mind.

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Delicate Cell Phone Cases Make Your Life Bright

With the wide spread of mobile phones, phone accessories or cell phone covers are more and more popular among people. They can prevent people’s cell phones from scratches and striking.

In addition, it will be easier to take your mobile phone when you go out. A cell phone case is needed especially when you have paid a large amount of money for your phone. What’s more, these cases vary in different designs, materials and colors. Here I will introduce you several popular cell phone cases and they are all fashionable and beautiful.

Leather cell phone cases are of good quality and can last longer than other phone cases. There are many colors available in the market for these leather cases. Red, black and brown are always favored by a lot of people.

If you are fond of swimming, going fishing or rafting in daily life, it is better to buy a waterproof mobile phone case. They can prevent your precious mobile phone from water in these special occasions. These phone covers are mainly made of plastic and they are easy to use. When you want to answer a call, you don’t need to take your phone out of the phone cover.

We all know that the some designer shoes are famous for their durance, water proofing and so on. Nowadays, some famous companies also produce mobile phone cases and covers. Their cases are made with the same material with that of designer shoes. With the prevalence of all kind of high quality cell phones, these Crocs good quality phone covers are also loved by people all over the world.

For people who like to follow the fashion trends, these beautiful fashion mobile phone cases are really a fine choice. Some cases are designed with some fashion elements such as glaring sequins, diamonds and cartoon characters. You can also choose those cases are printed with some natural items including flowers, animals and so on. Women who like to be in vogue can choose the mobile phone covers decorated with diamonds, sequins and flowers. These are all very popular in recent years. On the other hand, men or boys should choose the plain cases, because these flaring ones can’t match with men’s bold character.

In addition, cell phone cases are very cheap and you can buy a good quality phone case for a few dollars. There are a lot of online shops selling these small items which are really beautiful. They can also be a good gift for your friends. As the valentines’ Day is coming, you can buy a couple of cases for you and your lover.

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