The AirPods Alternative You've Been Waiting For

The AirPods Alternative You've Been Waiting For

Massdrop X Meze 99 – Jabra Elite 65t (USA Link) – Jabra Elite 65t (International) …

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    I bought both the Jabras active Elite 65t and the AirPods 2. Tested both. Choosing to keep the AirPods and return the Jabras. The Jabras are incredible don’t get me wrong, it has all the features of the AirPods pro but it ultimately came down to comfort for me. I can’t get a comfortable fit with the Jabras and after more than an hours use, it becomes painful to keep in my ear -a common problem I’ve had with every in ear earbud. It seals around the ear really well but it doesn’t have a pressure equalizer or valve so I can’t stand the pressure difference when I insert them in my ear. These have fallen out my ear too. So they’re about as secure for me as the AirPods in my ears.

    Great product, love the app and all it’s features, the pass through sound is really cool.

    OMGOSH I just bought Poweramp music player off play store and then setup my elite 65t's. I adjusted the premium EQ in that player, played my flac collection on my phone and the audio quality is now off this planet, its stupid good compared to Jabres software audio tweaks. You will not get a better software that compliments these buds. It totally makes them sound truly amazing, plrease don't take my word for it though, talk is cheap!

    the right earbud on my elite 65t starting playing at severely reduced volume after several months. the left works fine, but the right is very quiet. maybe i just got a bad pair, but I'm done with jabra after this.

    Even though i already own a pair and this video is old, i thought it would be interesting to see what this guy said.
    But the one thing that bothers me is the way he wore them.
    When you put them you rotate forward

    I'm a contractor and wear true wireless earbuds all day everyday both as my music and podcast player and as my constant always in ear protection. I have had the Jabra Elite 65t's for 1 year now and its the best on the market and I don't work without them. I've added the memory foam tips from Comply to make them even more sound isolating and its the best. I have a second set of cheaper wireless earbuds (Jlab Air also with comply foam tips) that I use while the Jabras are charging back up and while they are good for $50 their only use is to get the Jabras back up and charged. When the time comes the Jabras break or stop working, I'll go out immediately and get another pair.

    The real question for bluetooth headphones is how is the call quality when there is a lot of noise around you. Extremely bad performance from the options I have bought till date. What about these ones, do they block external noise while taking calls?

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