Using two AirPods with one iPhone on iOS 13!

Using two AirPods with one iPhone on iOS 13!

Apple will finally allow multi-point Bluetooth with iOS 13. It is dead easy to share audio with two sets of AirPods and AppleInsider will show you two ways to do so …

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    For those whose AirPods don’t work:
    Firmware should be 2A364 on both AirPods! To upgrade firmware just leave AirPods case with pods inside near iPhone connected to the internet for the night and apple magic will do it for you. Check firmware in options > about this iPhone> airpods

    After this procedure you can connect both pairs to one device AND play music by choosing both in AirPlay menu

    This isn’t obvious Apple didn’t tell this to anyone

    not working this way? A SOLUTION: both AirPods must have the actual firmware! my AirPods 2 needed FW-Version 2A364! now it works, else only ONE pair will work – sync not possible. (iOS 13.2.)

    I’m excited for this feature. My brother and I literally share my AirPods when he’s around (he’s 12 so he doesn’t own any yet) we watch movies, listen to music and podcasts together, so for us not to share one Airpod, that’s amazing

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